Spring Hill Animal Clinic is proud to offer flea and tick prevention to our patients. It is horrible when your pets get fleas. They can be very irritating to your pets. Many pets will scratch and dig constantly. Even after they lose their hair, have raw skin, and develop skin infections, they will continue to scratch. They are just miserable.

Some pets (mainly cats) have a severe allergy to fleas. Even one or two fleas will make them go crazy. They will bite, scratch, and dig, trying to get some relief.

Not only do you have to help your pets through fleas, you have to worry about your home. You probably don’t want to know how many fleas have made your house their home. Fleas are happiest in dark and warm spaces. They love to hide in carpet, bedding, under furniture, and anywhere else that pleases them. The worst part is that for every adult flea you see, you may have a ton of immature and adult fleas you don’t see hiding in your home.

Once your home is infested with fleas, you are going to have to work very hard to get rid of them. There are sprays, bombs, and other things available to get rid of fleas. You will also have to vacuum quite a bit to get rid of them. It is also necessary to wash everything your pets lay on.

Ticks are another common problem in our area. They are blood-sucking parasites that are happy to feed off of our pets (and us). A tick bite does not usually make pets ill, unless they are allergic to the bite. If they are, they may have trouble walking until you pull the tick off.

Ticks are also known for carrying some bad diseases. These include Lyme Disease, Ehrlichia, and more. These diseases are the problem, making your pets very ill. Ticks will often feed off of humans also, spreading the disease to you, too!

The only good part about fleas and ticks is that we have prevention (or preventative choices) for our patients. Most of the ones we offer need to be given monthly for the best results. We also recommend giving them year round because fleas and ticks are not always killed off during the winter months.

Contact us here at (352) 797-0033 if you have any questions about flea and tick prevention.